Why Python is a Scripting Language.

Why Python is a Scripting Language?

Why Python is a Scripting Language?, This topics is always to complex. Actually, Pyhon Supports Programming or scripting both features. with the views of its usage, Python is called scripting language.

Python is a programming and scripting language. Everybody can develop any software with the use of python programming. Python library Django makes it develop any software, web application with its programming features.


Programming Languages is used to develop new applications. and Scripting languages are used to modify them. Scripting works as addons with any programming language. and the second answer of Why Python is a Scripting Language is from the uses of python as a programming language. All Web applications are already developed in Java, DotNet, C, and C++, and companies will not want to increase his cost to re-design his software. They used Python as a scripting language to increase the feature of the application.

Some application which comes first time in the market. They can be developed in python language. Because Python is more secure than other programming languages. and it is easy to program. It consumes minimum Data to load his pages.  and also it is easy to learn. and it is simple to code. Python libraries are very useful to make them Programming languages. And it provides more feature for its Evaluation. Scripting language makes it be popular everywhere. It is a very useful language for programmers

The script is a program that will execute another program written in different languages.

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