What is VPN? | How does VPN works? | HOW to use VPN?

VPN(Virtual Private network):- VPN means virtual private network it is a type of network which prevents from data annoying. It provides a secure connection from my computer to the requested server.

We can also say VPN is a network which provides a secure connection from my computer and server. we can hide my IP and location from it.

How do VPN works?

Virtual private network (VPN) provides me a secure connection from our requested server. It can also Hide my IP and Locations. In Generally When we search for google.com from my Smartphones, Laptops, and Computer, after them they request DNS from my ISP(Internet Service provider) like as Airtel, Vodaphone, BSNL, Jio after then ISP send access request from Google server.

When We use VPN(Virtual Private Network) When we search for Google.com from my Device’s browser after them our device get a request from my ISP as those servers which I target and take a message from an encrypted form, because of them ISP don’t understand those message and send my data to my targeted server. after them, those servers send request from my ISP as his IP address and location. Because then they can’t recognize me.

Why we use VPN?

VPN(Virtual Private Network) Is provide a secure network from the server.

>> VPN is used to Access any blocked website, whose blocked by my college, school, city, Government.

>> VPN is used for Hiding our Identity from ISP(Internet service provider).

>> VPN is used to getting secured network from my browser to requested server

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