What is USB Rubber Ducky?

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    USB Rubber Ducky is a type of USB. It looks like the normal pen drive. But, it is a type of HID (Human Interface Device)device. The USB Rubber Ducky is a keystroke injection tool disguised as a generic flash drive. Computers recognized it as a regular keyboard and accept program keystroke payload at over 1000 word per minute.

HID (Human Interface Device)

A Human Interface Device is a type of computer device usually used by humans, It takes input and gives output to humans. like keyboard, mouse, Joystick, game controller. USB Rubber Ducky is acted like a Keyboard.  Humans use Keyboard. Computer trust humans.

Since 2010 The USB Rubber Ducky has been a favorite among hackers, Penetration testers and IT professional. With origin as the first It automation HID using an embedded dev-board, it has since grown into a full-fledged commercial keystroke injection attack platform. The Rubber USB Ducky captured the imagination of hackers with its scripting language formidable hardware and convert the design.

 USB rubber Ducky

I’ll tell you an example, How to use a USB Rubber Ducky?

If any employee of any company wants to know some data from other clients of his company. Then, the employee does all the setup in his USB Rubber Ducky, When the second employee goes anywhere for some time then, they can theft that information with the use of his USB Rubber Ducky. Hackers can do it from any client or the company.

If you want to Purchase this device then you can buy from Hackshop.com. It is available on only $45. All Documentation is available on here about USB Rubber Ducky. All Basic Script of USB Rubber Ducky is available on this site. If you know all thing about it then, all right. If you don’t anything about it please Read The Documentation paper firstly then use it.

USB Rubber Ducky can work in cross-platform like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Keyboard represent human input after all. So when it comes to plugging in a new input device the default is to accept and obey.

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