What is Phishing Hack? How does Phishing Hack work? How to Prevent from Phishing Hack?

Phishing Hack:- It is a type of Hack. which is used by black hat and white hat hackers. In this type of hack, the hacker Hack anyone by fake email, message, and any type of notification.

It is a type of Fishing, which is done by Hackers when Hacker send a fake email of notification of Facebook, and the user follows this notification and goes on a webpage created by the user. and give him user id and password. and he got hacked.

Some Phishing Emails:-

Phishing hack

How does Phishing Hack work?

In Phishing Hack Hacker follows two steps

  1. Email Design
  2. Webpage Desing

User must follow these two steps In Email design Hacker Design a curious Email for the targeted user. The email must be matched from Company email which is exactly the same as Facebook email. which is given above and send That email targeted user.

The second Step is Webpage design, Here the hacker design a Webpage just the same as the company web Page Like as facebook login page. the user refers from those email to the Webpage and logs in by his user id and password after them the webpage getting Inturrepted and open the real login page.

After the user id and password were saved in hacker server when the user logs in by him user id and password.

>> This is Not any Hack it is a scam…

 Phishing Hack

How to Prevent from Phishing Hack?

If you want to Prevent from Phishing Hack. Please see the email id which is given by the sender. if you did not find out them after these you verify the URL which is referred by Email. If URL is right Please refresh it after then you log in by user id and password.

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