What is Google Adsense?

what is google adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Friends, I hope your blogging career is going well and good traffic is coming to your website blog, and now you may want to know how to earn some money using this blog/website, so that you can do blogging and It was also fun and you could earn something for yourself, which is a very important thing in today’s era, some people blogged for their fun, to help people, for a company , Or make money to make money. I too have created this blog to help people and make money by helping them. So I would like to tell you while not taking too much time, that there is a simple way to earn money from a blog or website. Google Adsense which is a trustworthy and easy way that everyone uses. Every new blogger thinks that he will definitely get an AdSense for his blog or website, but it is not so easy, before applying the AdSense application, we know some important things about it, such as  What is Adsense – How to apply for Google Adsense


What is Google AdSense?

Many of our Blog Readers have asked this question, that AdSense is, how to Apply for AdSense, When to Apply for AdSense, decided to write the same kinds of questions Readers have asked us why I posted it. So you can get some basic information about all of AdSense and you know what is AdSense? Being run by Google AdSense is an Advertising Company (site), where Google has its AdWords borrows money from a company Ad showing company using the Service, and ensure the Blog / Website with a fraction Ads show. The Approved to Google for it to a blog or website Ads is the site of traffic and Google Rank significantly better Google the Ad puts on your Blog, and instead make you money ie Google AdSense Google of a Service, which gives an opportunity to any blogger to earn money, now you have come to understand what Google AdSense is!

Before applying the Google Adsense

Before Applying Google AdSense, you must have a Live Blog / Website or a Youtube Channel, which has a lot of traffic if there is a Youtube Channel, then it has some subscribers, for YouTube it is called Monetization. You can learn some Rule from Monetizing Youtube Channel here. And if you have a blog/website then it needs to have some necessary pages like some essential pages like Contact Us, About Us, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy, as well as some heavy content, so that the reader will stay for some time on your people and They look at the advertisements that you have posted on your blog and Readers click on your Ads and you earn

Steps to applying Google Adsense

Step 1. Open AdSense Home Page
First of all, go to the Google AdSense home page when you visit the home page of AdSense, you will see a button like this “SIGN UP NOW”, you click on it.

Step 2. Login With Gmail Account
When you click on the Sign-Up button, it will ask you to sign in with your Gmail Account, sign in with the Gmail account you want to create your AdSense account.
If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a new Gmail account by clicking on the create account button.

Step 3. Sign In To Adsense
After signing in, welcome to AdSense in front of you will open something like this, here you will see two options.
1 My website: Type the URL of your website/blog in it, if you have a YouTube Channel, then enter your Channel URL.
2 Content language: Select what language your site is in. If your site is in English then you select English-English.
By filling both of these fields, you have to click on the button “Save and Continue”.

Step 4. Save and Continue
After clicking on the button with Save and Continue you will find some Terms & Conditions in Google AdSense, read them well and understand if you are Agreed with T & C then click on “I AGREE” at the bottom.

Step 5. Your Information
Now you have to enter your information to create an AdSense account which is as follows: –

1 Country or Territory:  Select your country from India, then select “India”.
2 Time Zone: Select your Time Zone, Select “Kolkata” for India.
3 Account type: If you are alone then Individual or any Organization, then select Business.
4 Name and address: Enter your name and full address with the PIN code and select the state. (Your name should be found with your bank account)
5 Primary contact: In this, you type your name and mobile number.
6 How do you get to know AdSense? Here’s a little bit of choice.
7 Adsense Email preferences: Click on everything, because we need all the information.
8 Submit my application: When you fill in all the details, check the last one more time and then after that you click on the button “submit my application”.

Step 6. Thank you for applying to AdSense!
Now your AdSense account has been created Now the Adsense Team will mail your Gmail id, at least 1 to 2 days, last 3 days.

Note: The mail that comes after 2-3 days will contain information about your application being rejected or approved. What to do when I get Rejected AdSense and what to do if I am Approved I will write a new post for this as long as you are connected to us.

Last words

Friends were some basic information about AdSense that should be known to any blogger or YouTuber. I hope that the information you have about AdSense is What is AdSense –  How to apply for Adsense that this post would have liked. In the next post, I will talk about some of the essential things to get approved in AdSense which will be very helpful for any Blogger or YouTuber. Thank you very much for reading this full post of this post. Share this post with your fellow Blogger / YouTuber so that they can get information about it too.


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