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What is the Firewall? | How does Firewall works? | Why we use Firewall?

Firewall:- In Security on the Internet, Firewall getting the most important roles. We can be called a firewall as the filter of data. It is available on my computer as hardware or software, which protect me from many hackers viruses and malware.

            The firewall provides much security from viruses malware and hackers. Firewall provide Important roles on our security on the public network when we connected with many computers, internet, and networks.


How does Firewall work?

Firewall provide more security from viruses malware and hackers from The internet. It provides the most important role in our security. Here we’ll discuss all mechanism of the firewall.

When we connect our computer from the internet and access any malicious, blocked, and harmful type of websites. which provides very bad data to our computer or when we uploaded many files from any websites. The firewall filters those data and takes action on those data. when any malicious virus and malware are kept in those data. the firewall which is installed on our computer notify the user.


A firewall is generally two types on our computer.

  1. Software type Firewall
  2. Hardware type Firewall

Software type Firewall:- It is generally found on our antivirus software(Avast, Norton, Quickheal) comes with a firewall. It gets more Availability on our computer with Antivirus.

Hardware type Firewall:- It is also generally found on our modem, router, and many devices. It provides very powerful security to us computers

It has also many more security and Firewall working on many application if you want to know all about it. Please visit regularly my blog and updates

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