What is AI-Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Differences between AI and machine learning?

What is AI-Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Differences between AI and machine learning?

Artificial intelligence is a technique, which makes a machine intelligence to perform any task, According to his experience. Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence.

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence consists of two words Artificial & Intelligent, Artificial means man-made and Intelligence means intelligent

We can also say, It is a technique that makes a man-made thing (machine and computer) comparable to communicate and perform all task like the human. It can take decisions and actions like as humans.

Before we can define AI or machine learning, then, I want to take a step back and define a concept that is at the core of both AI and machine learning: algorithm.


An algorithm is a set of rules to be followed when solving problems. In machine learning, algorithms take in data and perform calculations to find an answer. The calculations can be very simple or they can be more on the complex side. The algorithm should always carry correct information according to the purpose.

Algorithms need to be trained in how to classify and process information. The efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm are dependent on how well the algorithm was trained.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of an Artificial Intelligence. But these are not the same thing, and it is most important to understand how these can be applied differently.

Artificial Intelligence has a huge concept than Machine learning. Machine learning is the shortest part of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning specifies only one property, if its algorithms specify any task or action, it can do only those task or action. Machine learning performs the task in only one section.

Example:- If, I trained my camera to authenticate a dog in any situation. then my dog only Authenticate a Dog, not any other thing. If I saw him any cat, then the camera calls him unknown.

Artificial Intelligence covers all section like the human. Artificial Intelligence is an alternative to the human. it can perform any action like any human, or it can take the decision like humans, it covers all act like the human.so Artificial Intelligence type machine is called alternative of human

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