Top 5 Hacking Hardware Devices for the beginner.

Hey, today I’ll talk about Top 5 Hacking Hardware device for the beginner. Which is very useful for Hackers and Pen-testers. Which make much Simple of Hacking. Then, let’s start.

The weapons of any Ethical Hackers and Black hat Hackers is His Gadgets. Which is very Helpful for him, when Hackers Facing any problems. So today, I’ll talk about those Gadgets. Which uses by Hackers.

Lists is Given Below.

1. Raspberry Pi 3 B/Raspberry Zero W

Raspberry Pi 3 B/Raspberry Zero W is a single board Computer. In here You can Install Kali Linux, and many security OS and use it in Hacking and penetrating testing. You can perform many types of common attacks and penetration testing. Otherwise, it is used in many types of projects like as. You can use it as Portable Computer, Wifi Access Point, Wifi repeater, Hidden Camera, Google Assistance, Wifi Router, Wifi Jammer, Portable Server, Portable SDR server. After this, You can use it in many Hacking Projects. It is Easily available in Amazon. You can Buy it from there.

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Raspberry-pi  3

2. USB Rubber Ducky

USB Rubber Ducky is most useful for Hacker. Here, There are many Pre-program scripts is available on it. From this, you can do any hacking at a very fast speed. It is Act as HID Device, from this our computer understand the program is typed from your computer, and many antivirus software does not detect it. Form this You can hack anybody computer fastly.

You Can Buy USB Rubber Ducky from Amazon. If you are not affordable to pay them you can make itself

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Every guide is given here.

USB rubber DUCKY

3. External Wifi Adapter.

External Wifi network is the most useful tool for Hacker. It is a type of adapter which supports monster mode. It is used to Hack wifi with the Raspberry Pi and our computer. Many attacks can be done by External Wifi Adapter. It is used to monitor network traffic, wifi access point, holds username, password, and credit card detail, Wifi jamming, Wifi fishing, and many more

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4. USB Live persistence Kali Linux Drive

It is also the most useful Device for hackers. It is used to making live persistence bootable drive with Kali Linux and Parrot operating System. In this Live persistence USB Drive, many types of tools which are used in hacking are install and use them anywhere.

If you want to know more about this please search “USB Live persistence bootable drive”

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USB Live persistence Kali Linux Drive

5. RTL-SDR Device

It is a device, which is used in Radiofrequency hacking. You can catch IMSI number of any smartphone device. You can capture GSM information of any phone. You can decode any phone SMS. You can also capture any flight information. You can listen to any wireless phone.

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RTL-SDR Device

This is the top 5 devices which are generally used from Hacker. If you’ve understood. Please subscribe us for new updates and if you’ve any query please comment below.

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