The Principal of management by Henry fayol

The principal of management by Henry fayol

The principal of management by Henry fayol

Henry fayol also called as the father of principal of management developed principal of management which is as follows:-

1. Division of work:-

There should be a division of work among workers so that a worker may get work according to his ability.

2. Authority of responsibility:-

There should be an authority with responsibility and responsibility for the Authority.

3. Discipline:-

There should be discipline. It means workers should follow the rules and regulation of enterprises.

4. Unity of command:-

This principal state that an employee should receive orders from a single superior only.

5. Unity of direction:-

It means an employee should be directed by the one lead and one plan.

6. Subordination of individual interest to general interest:-

Fayol said that the interest of the group must prevail over individual interest.

7. Remuneration:-

Remuneration of a person is the price for service, so it should be fair and should afford maximum satisfaction bets to employees employer.

8. Centralization:-

This principal state that some degree of centralization must be introduced to yield the best recruit.

9. Scalar chain:-

It refers to the line of authority from the weight to least irritate for the purpose of communication an employee should feel free to contact the superior.

10. Order:-

Fare declare of this principle is a place for everyone and everyone in his place.

11. Equity:-

These should be equity in the enterprise.

12. Stability:-

A person needs time to adjust himself with the new work and demonstrate efficiency in due course.

13. Initialize:-

For motivating employee there should be initiative like promotion bonus etc.

14. Spirit of loyalty and deduction:-

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