The operating system in System software

Operating system:-

It is system software, which has the interface between the user and hardware.

Operating system

The functions of the operating systems:-

  1. Program creation
  2. Program execution
  3. Memory management
  4. Process management
  5. Error detection
  6. Accounting

1. Program creation:-

It provides editor debugger which helps the programmer to create programs.

2. Program execution:-

To run a program, A program has to be loaded in Ram(Primary memory). This is Done by Operating System.

3. Memory management:-

It allocates memory to the various program, and It De-allocates memory after execution of the program is finished.

4. Process management:-

The process is a program which is executing currently. The operating system follows a scheduling algorithm to deal with many processes of the system.

5. Error Detection:-

It detect different types of errors and take appropriate action.

Example:- Unable to read the data due to bad sector in DVD.

6. Accounting:-

Multiuser system has more than one users, os keep track of resources accessed by the user.