The Functions of management

The Functions of management

The Functions of management

There are different about the function of management between intellectuals.

According to “ Numen and Rumer” The Function of management are planning, leading, organizing and controlling.

According to “Henry fatal” The function of management are planning, organizing, commanding, Co-ordinating and controlling.

According to “Lather Gullick” The functions of management as “POSDCoRB”

  • P- Planning
  • O- Organising
  • S- Staffing
  • D- Directing
  • Co- Co-ordinating
  • R- Reporting
  • B- Budgeting


After a study of the above idea, we can divide the functions of management into the following parts:-

1. Planning:-

Planning is the determination of what is to be done, How and where, It is to be done, Who is do it, and How to result to be evaluated.

2. Organizing:-

In organizing function, The management organizes different resources like raw material, capital, machine, etc. In Organisation.

3. Directing:-

In directing function management superrich the function of his subordinates and thus, it evaluates the function of subordinates so that objective may be acquired.

4. Innovation:-

Management also does innovation, It means he finds out new products, new machines, and new techniques to earn maximum profit.

5. Representation:-

Management also does to work of representation. It means he represents his enterprise in the meeting with the government and industrialist from time to time.

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