Top Essential Tools for Programmers

The Essential Tools for Programmers

Top Essential Tools for Programmers

This is a list of most essential tools and services from my coding workflow that I think should be part of every web programmer’s tools. Whether you a structure a simple “Hello World” app or a complicated web application, these tools should make your coding easier and increase potency.

The Essential Tools for Programmers
The Essential Tools for Programmers

The Web Developer’s Toolkit

1. — API documentation for all most popular programming languages and structures. Includes instant search and works offline too.

2. — create your own web apps in any browser, import GitHub repos, use any NPM combination or build on any popular frameworks and directly deploy to Firebase.

3. — quickly find the import cost (download size) of any combination in the NPM registry. Or upload your package.json file to scan all territories in your project.

4. — Write your code in recent JavaScript and let Babel transform your code into JavaScript that is agreeable with even older browsers.

5. — quickly build frontend responsive layouts with frameworks like as Bootstrap, Develop CSS and SemanticUI.

6. — a command-line tool that is useful for doing HTTP requests to web servers and RESTful APIs. Almost as strong as CURL and Wget but simpler.

7. — A good tool for examining your regular expressions in the browser.

8. — Write any regular creation into the editor and get a visual representation of how the pieces work.

9. — Construct regular expressions visually.

10. — Type any Unix command and get a visual description of each flag and argument in the command.

11. — Unix man pages are long and complicated. This site offers useful examples for all popular Unix command without you having to jump into the man pages.

12. — quickly generate dummy test data in the browser in CSV, JSON, SQL, and other export forms.

13. — Follow any GitHub file or WordPress plugin through a CDN. Combine multiple files in a single URL, add “.min” to any JS/CSS file to get a minified version automatically. Also, see

14. — create beautiful screenshots of your own source code. Offers syntax marking for all popular languages.

15. — know specifically how long you spend coding with comprehensive metrics per file and even language. Integrates with our VS Code, Sublime text, and all popular code editors.



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