Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

IPR (Intellectual property rights) are the legal right that protects the right given to the person who is the owner or inventor of the product and have to create using his intelligence or creativity.

The creator of the product gets the exclusive right to use the product for the business. Other people can’t copy their product. IPR( Intellectual Property rights ) is a term used for various legal entitlement attached with certain types of information, ideas, symbols, and design of any products.

There are Different types of IPR( Intellectual Property rights ).

  1. Copyrights or related rights.
  2. Trademarks
  3. Geographical Indication
  4. Trade secret
  5. Patent
  6. Industrial Design
  7. Plant varieties
  8. The layout of the IC(Integrated Circuits)

1. Copyrights:-

Copyright is a set of the exclusive right granted by the state government to the creator of the original product.

It include the right to copy, distribute, and adapt the work, copyright owners have special right to excise control our coping and other usages of products.

Example:- Books, software, Etc.

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

2. Trademarks:-

The trademark is the symbol which indicates the individual or business organization or other legal entities to identify the product or services.

These trademarks include name, symbols, image, design, etc.

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

3. Geographical Indication:-

Geographical Indication is an indication the particular goods leave originated from are manufactured in particular state a territory.

The special characteristic of the goods, them to a certain geographical area.

Eg:- Darjeeling tea, Agra Patho. Etc

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

4. Trade Secrets:-

In this trade secrets is a formula, pattern, design, or compilation of data that grants the user an advantage over the competitor.

This law is covered by the state for protecting the secret a business, must prove the trade secret is adding value to the company. It is the real secret.

5. Patent:-

Here the invention is done by an individual or a group to be registered with the government for their product. This is called a patent.

This IPR( Intellectual Property rights ) give the inventor a legal right to decide who will use their patent or who will not use it.

Overview of IPR (Intellectual Property rights)

6. Industrial Design:-

The business Corporation which is having types of equipment, which has a novel of unique and distinct pattern, appearance and design can get the shape of the design of types of equipment registered under Indian Design act.

7. The layout of the IC(Integrated Circuits )

This type of IPR( Intellectual Property rights ) provides protection semiconductor IC without, design.

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