Introduction to Globalization

Introduction to Globalisation

Introduction to Globalization

Globalization is defined as the process of worldwide integration of manufacturing, economics, financial, cultural, and communicational system. Globalization is the process which allows all the countries of the world to their business to provide services among them.

Introduction to Globalization

Advantages of Globalisation with the right of India.

  • Globalization has laid too improvement in GDP(Gross Domestic Product) in India.
  • Due to globalization policy Indian economy become one of the fastest growing economies of the world.
  • Globalization opens new opportunities for Indian companies to expand their range in the world.
  • Customers have got importance because of availability to a large array of products.
  • Foreign direct investment in India as increased due to globalization.
  • Ease of traveling and communication.

Disadvantages of Globalisation with the right of India.

  • It is difficult for domestic small business to compete with imported Production.
  • It created the division of Indian society or the basis of financial condition.
  • Globalization causes the loss of culture because of composition atmosphere.
  • Increase in flow of skilled employee from India to foreign countries.
  • Increase in chances of civil war between developing countries.Introduction to Globalization


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