Introduction Of assembler


Introduction Of assembler

Hey, Today is amazing Days for us. I am going to written a blog on the topic Introduction of Assembler. It is the in the System software syllabus. So let’s start…

An Assembler is system software which accepts assembly language program as input and produces its equivalent machine language program as an output along with information for the loader. The source program for assembler called assembly program and the target code of the assembler is called object code.


Types of assembler:-

The assembler can be any of the following types:-

  1. Single-pass Assembler
  2. Two Pass Assembler
  3. Multi-Pass Assembler

Note:- In the sense of system software each reading of a program called pass. The assembler process can be done within pass off so such a pass is single pass assembler.

The translation of assembly language program can be done in several passes by multiples assembler.

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