Introduction to Industrial Sectors

Industrial Sectors Introduction to

Introduction to Industrial Sectors

as Introduction to Industrial sectors can be defined as the group of individual business sector which produce different types of products for the customer, Which included agriculture, construction, fishers, forests, and manufacturing.

Industrial sectors can be divided into different types on the types of raw materials used in their products.

The most common type of industrial sectors are the following:-

  1. Engineering Industry
  2. Process Industry
  3. Textile Industry
  4. Chemical Industry
  5. Agro Industry

1. Engineering Industry:-

An engineering industry mainly focuses on the production of machines and similar products for other Industrial sectors.

Engineering Industry is generally large or medium scale industry, so government support is required for their development.

FDI (Foreign direct investment) also helps in the development of engineering industries.

Example of engineering Industry is mechanical Industry, Electrical Industry Chemical Industry.

Engineering Industry


2. Process Industry:-

In the process Industry, the final product is produced by doing different processes on the raw material. These processes are carried out by contemporary methods process techniques and technology. Which ensure the quality processing.

Examples are Food processing Industries, Paper Industry, Sugar Industry, Petroleum refinery, Polymer Industry, Textile Industry.

Process Industry

3. Textile Industry:-

The industry which produces fibers into yarns, And yarns into the fabric, And Fabric into clothes are collectively known as the textile Industry.

Textile industry included subsection as cotton sector Sericulture, man-made fiber, etc.

Textile Industries

4. Chemical Industry:-

Chemical industry included the manufacturing and distribution of chemical and allied products.

Industry Products includes Allied Industrial chemical, fossils fuel, resin, etc

Chemical Industry

5. Agro-Industry:-

Agro-industry deals with the supply, processing, and distribution of farm products. It also includes post largest activities like large scale production, Producing and packaging food.

Agro-industry plays a major role in Industrialization.

Agro Industry


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