How To Remove Pattern On Android

How To Remove Pattern On Android Without Factory Resetting

How To Remove Pattern On Android: Now these Days this term is very useful for that man who wants to go access from anyone Android phone, and I have a trick for those users. Please follow the rules which are given below and Share this Article.

How To Remove Pattern On Android


  1. Aroma File Manager +A memory card for the device.
  2. Your android device must be either locked by pattern lock or password lock.

Please Follow this Link to Download Aroma File Manager

       How To Do it (Procedure) ❓

1. After you download “Aroma File Manager” place it in your card [SD CARD] Insert the card into your locked android device.

2. Open Stock Recovery Mode by rebooting your android device and pressing PowerKey and volume up key simultaneously. Different phones may have different methods to open stock recovery mode, so if you face any problems comment and I will give you the solution.

3. After entering into recovery mode use volume+ and volume- buttons to scroll up and down. For select use power button or home button.

4. From there click on “Install zip from SD Card” and navigate to where you placed “Aroma File Manager” click and install it.

5. After installing, it will open in recovery mode.
6. From the “Aroma File Manager” navigate to settings>>go to the bottom and click on “Automount All Devices On Start” and then exit.

7. Repeat step 4&5 again.

8. After this, you will get the “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

9. Now navigate to Data Folder>>System Folder and Find >>” gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

10. Delete that any one file and then exit “Aroma File Manager” and reboot your device. After rebooting you will notice that password or pattern will not be removed yet. But don’t worry draw any random pattern your device will unlock but remember that pattern.


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