How to make your own USB Rubber Ducky?

Hey’ Today I’ll be going to learn you:- How to make your own USB Rubber Ducky?. Full Guide of the mechanism of USB Rubber Ducky. So let’s subscribe to me and got Let’s start.

In the Previous post, I’ve full explain What is USB Rubber Ducky, Why we use USB Rubber Ducky in Hacking, How Does Rubber Ducky works?, Here I’ll explain How to make your own USB Rubber Ducky?.  So You can change your smartphone in A USB Rubber Ducky. But, Your Phone is necessary to be booted and also installed Kalinethunder on your phone. Phone Process is very complex so we’re trying other tips.

Rubber Ducky

You can make your own chip USB Rubber Ducky. You can use many Arduino Based development board which is used in making USB Rubber Ducky. There are many development boards available in the market Like as Arduino Mini, Arduino Micro, Arduino Leonardo, Pro Micro and many more. Much Generic board is also available in Chip price in the market. we’ll use an Arduino Micro board for USB Rubber Ducky. Here onboard micro USB is available in it for programming. this is a very small board like USB. Today we’ll learn About How to make USB Rubber Ducky from Arduino Micro board.

So let’s Start

Making USB Ruber Ducky…

In firstly, Download Arduino IDE Software. It is available for all Platform, Like as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. You can Download and install it on your computer. You can Download This Software from Given Link

Downloading link:-

After Download This software opens this software. Here I’ll open a new project


I’ll guide you, How to use it? In first, Payload inserts in those board. For payload example please visit given site below…

Payloads Example:-

Arduino Payloads Example

Please Pick any Payload. I am going to works on Hello world  Payload. Click on Hello world payload. And copy this script

 arduino payload example

Past in given tool. This script is only for USB Rubber Ducky. For Any generic board, we’ll convert it on those form.

There are many open source tool available in Github for change this script. One of them, Link is given below

Tool URL:-

USB Rubber Ducky Payload example

Paste this script is Arduino Software,  After paste Please Select the Board;   

Tools>Board>Choose your board, If your board is not available in this list, then go the board manager and download those board.

After This Go on the Tools> Port> Select the port. Now Board setup is complete.

After This please verify this script. Go-on Sketch>Verify/compile

After this save this on given Destination, Then compilation is now started.

After Compilation. Please upload this on your board. Click on upload Botton. After Uploading process is complete, This script is automatically run.

After Process is complete please unplug the board from your computer, and plug again on your computer. After this try many scripts. And practice and practice them to learn more. This is the importance of computer science.

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