How to learn Ethical Hacking?

If you’re serious to know How to learn Ethical Hacking? Then, you’re on the right way. Today I’ll explain How to learn ethical hacking. This content(How to learn Ethical Hacking) belongs from

            Generally, whose student which belongs in class 10th-12th is interested in Hacking. First of all, complete your high school education. It is compulsory. If you’ve interest in maths subject, Then it is a basic term for you. Because A Hacker must have a problem-solving skill.

How to become an expert Ethical Hacker?]

Benefits of Maths in Hacking…

I am greatly focused on Mathematics because you can get a big benefit in Hacking. You get better at learning complicated things. Because you can face many complicated things when you’re learning Hacking…  You grow your logical thinking. You must have developed confidence in your ability. You develop your problem-solving skill.

Learn Basic Computer Fundamental…

You have must knowledge in Computer fundamental from starting. Because Hacking is the subject of Computer science and engineering. If you don’t have Knowledge in Basic Computer fundamental, You can’t grow your Hacking Skill. For grow the much knowledge in computer fundamental, Please visit all syllabus of previous class Computer.      

    A Hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. Hacker finds and exploits the weakness & vulnerability in computer system and networks to gain access.

  Hackers rarely have full knowledge of the technology stack of a target: – John Mcafee

Growth hackers do not tolerate waste.                                                    :- Ryan Holiday  

The first Step is.   Build a solid Foundation.

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation. If you’re serious on Ethical Hacking. Then I’ll talk on 7 Steps to learning advance Ethical Hacking.

1. Where to Learn Basic Computer?

 It is Very must topic for A Hacker. You can Learn Basic Computer from many Computer Diploma Degree. I’ll Explain some Computer Science Knowledge below.

   1. BCA(Bachelors in Computer Application)

   2. (B.Sc in Computer Science)

   3. B.Tech(Engineering)

   4. BE

You can admit any private or Government college after 12th class. If you have no time for these regular courses then you can learn these short term course.

   1. DCA

   2. PGDCA

   3. ”O” level and many more

2.  Where to learn Networking?

:- Networking is most necessary topics for Hackers. Every Hacker must learn Networking. You can learn Networking form CISCO. I’ll suggest you crack CISCO examination like CCNA, CCNP. There are many institutes in India for CISCO examination. If you’ll crack these examinations then you’ve good knowledge about networking and you’ve to be certified from CISCO.

3. Where to learn Windows Administration?

:- A Hacker must have more knowledge about windows operating system. Because Many or more people use a Windows operating system. You can learn more about windows operating system for Microsoft certification program. I suggest you please attempt the Microsoft certification program. Microsoft holds many certificate exams like as

1. MTA(Microsoft Technical Associate)

2. MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

3. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert )

     These Exams is also held as CISCO. If you’ll attempt these exams then you have the master of Windows Administration.

4. Where to learn Linux?

:- Linux has a good role in Hacking. It is an operating system like Microsoft, but it is Designed for another purpose. A good hacker must have Master in Linux Operating system. I’ll Suggest you learn “Redhat”. Redhat certification is the best for Linux. Redhat Certification is also held like CISCO. Here you’ve learned all thing about Linux. You can Crack these Redhat certification exams.



Hackers Are Becoming more sophisticated in conjuring up new ways to hijack your system by exploiting technical vulnerabilities or Human nature.

Don’t become the next victim of unscrupulous cyberspace intruder.   :- Kelvin Mitnik

5. Where to Learn Programming?

:- If you’ve admitted to any computer science Degree after 12th. You’ve learned these things from there. I’ll suggest you, you’ll be mater after Bachelor Degree. Book & the Internet are good sources to learn to programme. You can learn to programme from there. You must learn Python, Ruby, Perl & Javascript. You can also buy the courses of these languages from Udemy.

6. Where to learn ethical hacking?

:- After there you’ll be ready to learn Hacking. You have fulfilled knowledge about all in computer science. You can take Certificates of ethical hacking. I’ve suggested to you EC-Council. You can learn many things about Ethical Hacking Here. You can get the most updated course in EC-Council And its syllabus is also very grateful. So I’ve suggested to you it.

Hacker has no any Institute In above topics I suggest you many choices. If you have got the real passion to be a Hacker. Then learn it By self. And Every time try to learn something new. All topics about Hacking. Is available on the internet. Internet is a big Book of knowledge you can learn everything from there

Thanks for reading my content. I hope the is helpful for you. If you’ve any feedback from it please comment below. Please share it with your friends who also want to learn Ethical hacking.