How to check duplicate content?

how to check duplicate content

How to check duplicate content?

so today we are going to talk about these three topics, friends Duplicate Content is very bad for any blog if anyone on your blog If you have duplicate content then your AdSense will not be approved in today’s time. If you are a new blogger, then you also must have felt that Google AdSense puts more emphasis on Unique Contents. And many times your blog is also disapproved due to not having unique content. But if your AdSense has been approved, then there will be different kinds of problems going on.

When any content is copied from your blog or by Mistake a content matches your content, then it is called Duplicate Content, that is, the same thing exists at two different or even the same place. There are two types of duplicate content, the first is the Internal Duplicate Content and the other is External Duplicate Content.

1. Internal Duplicate Content:

Internal duplicate content means that the same content has been repeated on your own blog.

2. External Duplicate Content:

External duplicate content means that Same Content is also available on any other blog.

Duplicate content can also be in two ways, or if you think of a match by thinking of another, or it is copying your blog post. You can also find out both of these reasons, that is what is happening due to this. If you are getting an initial or ending part match or are getting a little bit match, then this could be due to the match of your thinking or the way of writing. But if the whole content of your blog is being copied, i.e., that someone is stealing your own content from beginning to end, then brother is a matter of concern, then you have to take some action soon.

There are many tools available on the Internet to check duplicate content. By using which you can check duplicate content if you want, you can tell some of these tools. With the help of which you can easily find out the duplicate content, as well as how many percent duplicate content is available on your blog. If you can also find information from there, then you have to read our blog post carefully. And you will get to know this post easily. So let us know that duplicate content is checked.
Here I am going to tell you about Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools, which can help you easily check whether or not you have duplicate content in any blog. And you have these tools that help you write your new post. They can also check them, and save your hard work.

1. Copyscape:

Copyscape is one of the oldest and popular Duplicate Content Checker Sites. You can also check Duplicate Content from website URL here. It’s fast and cheap. Here you only need to enter the URL of your website, the rest of the work will be done manually. This will show you all the content that matches you with your content, it is free but a limited service is given to a user for one day only.

2. SmallSEOTools

I like this tool because it most often recognizes duplicate content. Even if it does not escape from Content Copyscape and any other tools. In it, you have to copy your entire content and paste it on this website, after which it will check your content in more than two minutes and tell whether it is a duplicate or not. Here you get the limit of 2000 words. So if you have a content of more than 2000 words, you can check it by splitting your content. You can also upload content directly from your computer. Or upload from Dropbox or Google Drive. It also gives you a Plagiarism Checker WP Plugin WordPress Plugin which you can use to scan all your posts and pages directly in your WordPress site.

3. Site Liner:

I love this tool as a duplicate content checker, it also gives you a complete analysis of your entire website once a month. Siteliner is a free service by Copyscape, which highlights the quality of your site and key issues affecting Search Engine Ranking. Siteliner, Duplicate Content, Broken Links, can check page power. And it generates a complete report after crawling and analyzing your site. Which gives some great information. Which can help you improve your website or blog? Although the free siteliner service is limited to 250 pages monthly analysis, i.e. you can scan 250 pages in a month, which is enough for any Medium Size website.

 4. DupliChecker:-

This is an Internal Duplicate Content Checker Tool, which is also a free Google Duplicate Content Checker. It gives two options: You can either paste the content and check the duplicate content. Or you can upload a text file. DupliChecker is a free tool and it works with 100% accuracy. Each plagiarism investigation compares your text against every published web page on the Internet. And nothing can escape from the duplication checker. If there is no match, the rest assured that your text is plagiarism free.

5. Plagiarism:-

is also an Internal Duplicate Content Checker Tool, it is better than DupliChecker. Because it gives you three options to examine any Plagiarized content. You can check any text, HTML, doc file, Upload Duplicate Content, as well as you can also check Duplicate Content by pasting Search and Content by this URL. It detects copyright infringement in all your content. And it supports Google, Yahoo. Plagiarism supports more than 190 languages.


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