How to Beginner Guide to Create a Successful Blog in 2019

how to make a bolg from begineer

 How to Beginner Guide to Create a Successful Blog in 2019

How to create a successful blog

If you’re one in all those guys World Health Organization created a journal by seeing others, earning. If yes, then I’m positive ar|you’re} not a thriving journaler as a result of there are the varied reason to make a thriving blog.

Here is that the Official Beginner Guide to make a thriving journal in 2019, scan fastidiously I provide the dos and don’ts of each New blogger.

First, realize a blog Niche

t is 1st|the primary step to make a blog if you are doing isn’t have any specific niche then what you do once making a weblog? therefore first clear your blog niche.

After that do some analysis thereon like what’s the competition during this niche, what’s search volume, CPC etc if you are doing that then it’s terribly useful for your blog.

Do Keyword analysis

When you complete the analysis of blog niche then do some keyword analysis before making a weblog. Search some keywords that have low competition write articles on these keywords.

It will assist you once making a blog you’ll be able to simply publish these article, therefore, write a minimum of five articles before making a blog.

Choose the proper Platform

After writing article opt for right blog platform if you’ll be able to pay the cash on hosting then opt for WordPress as a result of it’s straightforward to use and you’ll be able to do simply on page SEO with the assistance of Yoast plugin there are several plugins which can assist you to rank your web site.

If you don’t have the cash to pay on this then produce your weblog on that is that the product of Google and whole free however I will be able to recommend you purchase a website for your blog.

Buy a TopLevel Domain

Always purchase ranking domain don’t opt for low cost if you’re going for semipermanent blogging. after you purchase domain then attempt to purchase a brief name that has keywords and additionally you’ll be able to use for disapproval. don’t purchase an extended tail domain as a result of it’s not smart for disapproval.

Do necessary Settings

When your blog is prepared then do all necessary setting submit your web log in search console submit sitemap of your blog. customize your blog’s themes produce pages for your blog do mechanism.txt setting for your blog.


Promote your blog

To get traffic on your weblog to begin promoting your blog on social media do the guest post on another’s blog after you do that your blog gets referral traffic from others web site and folks also will fathom your blog and that they visit on your blog.


Create Aim For Your blog

Yes, it’ll positively assist you to grow your blog produce associate degree aim for your blog what you wish from your blog, I additionally do that I produce aims for my weblog like during this month I would like that a lot of traffic on my blog, I will be able to succeed this blog during this or that month, therefore produce a tiny low aims that helps you to grow your weblog quick.


Maintain Time For Your Blog(The Main Seo)

After making a blog daily provide time to your blog write articles daily produce links for your web site write articles on trending topics additionally write articles on that topic that is useful for your audience.



In the end, I will be able to solely tell you that it takes the time you can’t earn cash from your web log in barely at some point to provide time your weblog a minimum of six months. invariably learn one thing new don’t forget the SEO invariably do correct keyword analysis after you write a commentary. I hope you wish all this text and it’ll useful for you.

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