How to become an expert Ethical Hacker?

If you’re serious to know How to become expert Ethical Hacker? then you’re on the right way. Here I’ll tell all about  How to become expert Ethical Hacker?

                            Friends, Hacking is a skill, which is represented by you. There is no institute of Hackers. If You want to be a Hacker then you’re a hacker if you have much interest Init. Technical skill for best Ethical Hacking. An Ethical Hacker has more advanced knowledge than a developer.

How to become an expert Ethical Hacker?]

Today I’ll tell in this content some Important basic 10 Point to be an Expert Ethical Hacker. If you’ll follow this top ten point then you can be an Expert Ethical Hacker.

1. Computer Knowledge:- It is must thing for you and every hacker. You have good experience with the computer that’s “How Computer Works?”, “What is Bios? (legacy/UEFI)”, “What is booting?”, “How too install Operating Systems?”, “What is File System”, “What is master boot record?, How can it modify?”, “What is logical & Primary partitions?”, “What is 32bit & 64bit System?”, and many more about it. You must have a Good Knowledge about these things.

2. Networking:- It follows the big role in Ethical Hacking. You’ve must good understanding about networking that’s “What is Switch, Hub, Router, Modem?”, “What is network topology ?”, “What is nodes?”, “How does works(LAN, WAN, MAN)”, “What is Internet protocol?”, “What is network Port?”, and also “Fundamental of network and wireless security” and last all about NAT, DHCP, Subnetting, Public IP, Private IP, IPv4, IPv6, DNS, ARP, OSI model, MAC address. You must have a Good Knowledge about these things.

3. OS(Operating System) Knowledge:-  You’ve also must good knowledge of all operating system. All people use Microsoft windows this is common for all, But a Hacker have more & more knowledge about All Operating system such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Unix, IOS, Android, A hacker has deeply Knowledge in Linux Operating System. The knowledge of Command line interface of DOS Linux/Unix is must for all Hackers.

4. Programming languages:- The knowledge of programming languages is must necessary for Hackers. Hacker will always try to learn any programming languages like as C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Html, Javascript, VBScript, Shellscript and PHP. You also have a good understanding of SQL/MySQL for hacking. If you want to be an expert ethical Hacker Please Develop your Programming Skill.

5. Cryptography/Reverse Engineering:- You have also some knowledge about these two topics. You also have seen some ransomware attacks in past our hackers solve this problem with reverse engineering. So you must have good knowledge about reverse engineering for finding the problem and solve it.

6. Virtualization Technology:- You’ve also must good knowledge of virtualization technology. How does works Virtual machines on our computer? How can I install any operating system in one computer?

7. Cyber Law:- Cyberlaw is one of the most important topics in Hacking world. You’ve necessary more knowledge about cyber law of all country.

8. Creative Thinking:- A Expert hacker must have creativity. Because knowledge is not everything, you’ve also how to use your knowledge.

9. Problem-Solving skills:- Problem-solving is necessary for all Hackers. A Hacker can take right decisions fastly as his situation.

10. Social Engineering:- It is one of most things of any hacker. If you have Social engineering you’ll be a Hacker, Because it is top Point in above points. You can crack any password if you have this point. I’ll talk in other content in only these topics…

 Social engineering

So I wish you, you’ve understood these How to become an expert Ethical Hacker? correctly. And now your Vision is clear. If you’re satisfied please share it with your friends.