Full Python Package

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Are You spending too much time in learning PYTHON? You are trying to Become Expert in Python. Here We Provide you The Full Package of Python and Django By Toppest Faculties of India.

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Previously we are doing this on Youtube but after some Days we have decided to record the complete course and provide you 100+ hours of content with a Comfort of Your Home

After struggling so much in the market and Spending much of cost in Python, I’ve learned it. All Institution charge me about 20000 for these videos and finall, I’ve provide these videos for Free for Everyone.

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Under The Language Fundamental many topics are covered by Durga Sir

  1. Introduction
  2. Features of Python
    • Simple and Easy way to learn
    • Free ware and Open Source
    • High level programming language
    • Platform Independent
    • Portability
    • Dynamically Typed
    • Both Procedure Oriented and Object Orientd
    • Interperated
    • Extensible
    • Embedded
    • Extensive library
  3. Limitations of python
  4. Flavors of python
    • CPython
    • Jython OR JPython
    • Iron Python
    • PyPy
    • RubyPython
    • AnacondaPython
  5. Python Versions
  6. Identifiers
  7. Reserved Words
  8. DataTypes
  9. Int DataTypes
  10. Decimal Forms
  11. Binary Froms
  12. Octal Forms
  13. Hexa Decimal Form
  14. Float Data Type
  15. Complex Data Type
  16. bool Data Type
  17. str Data Type
  18. byte Data Type
  19. bytearray Data Type
  20. List Data Type
  21. Touple Data Type
  22. Range Data Type
  23. Set Data Type
  24. frozenset Data Type
  25. dict Data Type
  26. None Data Type
  27. Base Conversion
  28. Slicing of strings
    • int()
    • float()
    • complex()
    • bool()
    • str()
  30. Fundamental Data Types and Immutability
  31. Escape Characters
  32. Constants
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  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. Relational Operators or Comparison Operator
  3. Equality Operator
  4. Logical Operator
  5. Bitwise Operator
  6. Bitwise Compliment Operator
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  1. << Left Shift Operator
  2. >> Right Shift Operator
  3. Assignment Operators
  4. Ternary Operators OR Conditional Operator
  5. Special Operator
  6. Identity Operator
  7. Membership Operator
  8. Operator Precedence
  9. Mathematical Functions(math Module)
  10. Command line Argument
  11. Output Statement
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  1. Conditional Statements
  2. if
  3. if-elif
  4. if-elif-else
  5. Iterative Statement
  6. for
  7. while
  8. Transfer statement
  9. break
  10. continue
  11. pass
  12. Loops With else Block
  13. del Statement
  14. Difference Between del and None
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  1. What Is String
  2. How to Define multi-line String Literals?
  3. How to access Character of a string
  4. Accessing Characters By Using Index
  5. Accessing Characters By Using Slice Operator
  6. Behaviour of Slice Operator
  7. Slice Operator Case Study
  8. Mathematical Operator for String
  9. len() in-built Function
  10. Checking Membership
  11. Comparison String
  12. Removing Spaces from the String
  13. rstrip()
  14. Isrtip()
  15. strip()
  16. Finding Substring
  17. Counting substring in the given String
  18. Replacing a string with another String
  19. Splitting of string
  20. Joining of Strings
  21. Changing Case of a String
  22. Checking Strating and Ending Part of string
  23. s.startswith(substring)
  24. s.endswith(substring)
  25. To Check Type of characters Present In a String
  26. Formatting the string
  27. Important Programs regarding String Concept
  28. Program to Reverse the given string
  29. Program to Reverse Order of words
  30. Program to Reverse Internal Content of Each word
  31. Program to Print Character at ODD Position and Even Position for the given String
  32. Program to Merge characters of 2 Strings into a Single String by taking Characters alternatively
  33. Program to sort the character of the string and First Alphabet Symbols Followed By Numeric Values