Definition and Steps of Organisation

Definition and Steps of Organisation

Definition and Steps of Organisation

The organization is a group of person united to achieve a common objective. Any enterprises may be considered to be an organization if it has the following characteristics.

  • It has we’ll define common Objectives.
  • It has a pre-determined set of authority and responsibility.
  • It has a set of policies and planning.
  • It has a well-defined structure.
  • The organization included the division of works and responsibility.

Steps of Organisation

The steps required in performing an organization may be discussed as follows:-

1. Identification of objective:-

The identification of objective leads to the sharing of the objectives and initial organization of the path of action to achieve the objective.

2. Formulation of plans and policies:-

The policies must be framed to provide a set of rules to achieve the objective whereas plans initiate action to complete or achieve the objectives.

3. Identification and classification:-

All the activities required to achieve the objective are listed and then the necessary activities among them are identified. They are classified on the basis of nature and scope.

4. Group of activities:-

Grouping is done on the basis of resources priority of works and the importance of work.

5. Assignments of duties:-

The duty is assigned on the basis of requirements of work and human needs overlapping, underutilization and overloading must be avoided during the assignment of works.

6. Horizontal and vertical relation of authority and responsibility:-

For performing a duty authority is necessary to complete a job. Responsibility is essential. Therefore an organization must clearly understand and identity and authority and responsibility.

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