Application of Artificial Intelligence

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Refers to many Applications in this digital session. In this digital Session. A creative technology AI make more us more digital. It provides many facilities to be human digital.

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Today many AI application which works on AI-technique. Some of them are given below. Many techniques are used to solve many real-life problems

Some kinds of robots are helping to find land-mines searching human trapped in rabbles, due to natural calamities


  • Gaming

AI play the most important roles in static games, such as chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, ludo etc

Where machine can thin a large number of positions based on heuristics knowledge


  • Natural language processing:-

It is possible to Interact with the computers that can understand many formal and natural language spoken by humans

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  • Speech recognition

Intelligent systems are capable of hearing and comprehension the language in term of sentences and their meaning while a humans talks to it.


  • Handwriting-recognition

The handwriting recognization software recognizes and reads the text written by the hand of any human. It can recognise all shapes of letters and convert it into editable text

  • Vision Systems

These system can understand, interpret and comprehend visual input on the computer

  •       A spying aeroplane and drone take photographs.
  •       Doctor use clininic expert system to diagnose the patient.
  •       Police use computer software that can recognize the face of criminal.

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